Wine in China











In memory of Pieter Eijkhoff (9-4-1929 - 15-11-2000)






During his life several of his hobbies developed into passions.

It was a coincidence that, through his scientific work, Pieter could make contacts in China, in 1977, just after the cultural revolution.

Overwhelmed by the rich history of the land his attention was captured and stayed focused on "China".

Years later, around 1990, when he was unofficially retired, one of his daughters in-law suggested they take a wine course together. They did, and again passion struck him, this time for the "wonders of wine and vine".

So it is not amazing that the idea to write about "wine in China" grew and took shape.

What is amazing indeed is the fact that the task he had taken upon himself kept him going, in spite of his progressing severe illness, even during many days of hospitalization.

Toward the end of September 2000 Pieter remarked: "I need two more months to finish the manuscript"

The last notated alteration is dated October 28th, 2000 .....

I am grateful his sons took pleasure in making the book presentable for the purpose it was meant for.

Out of esteem for their father it was not their intention to try to "finish" it.

May be just this occasional incompleteness can add an extra charm to this work of a man who was in fact a perfectionist.

The children and I are grateful to the authorized committee of the Netherlands Wine Guild. The members are willing to accept this manuscript as thesis and will make it possible to have it presented to them in the Building of the "Productschap voor Wijn" in the Hague, a location Pieter had wished for.

Finally I do hope this book will give the reader pleasure and insight into the subject and will add to the respectful memory of the Author.

Hanneke Eijkhoff - Pabon


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